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 2014 Outlaw Vintage Grass Drags

         Rules and Information  




      Vintage is any 1985 or older

      production leaf spring model.    

      Costs for regular classes

           Stock Classes - $10 per race class

                 Plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

      Mod stock/Open Mod -$20 per race class 

      80% payback + contingency and plaques!


          $2000 guarenteed contigency money!

                   We have a 500' professional track.


Megaphone classes return for the  2014 Outlaw Vintage Grass Drags!


Stock Classes                                            Mod Stock Classes                                             
1971 and older Mod Stock
1971 and older Stock
0-340cc Free Air
AA Stock341cc-440cc Free Air
A Stock441cc and up Free Air
B Stock
C Stock
D Stock341cc-440cc Fan
E Stock441cc and up Fan
F Stock
G Stock0-340cc Liquid
341cc-440cc Liquid
441cc and up Liquid

Open Mod Classes                                      Megaphone Classes                                            
Single Cylinder -anySingle Cylinder - Stock
341cc - 440cc -any0 - 499cc Twin F/A & Fan - Stock
441cc and up -any500cc and up Twin F/A & Fan - Mod Stock
Triple F/A & Fan - Mod Stock

   Click link below for "Letter Class" by sled model.


stock classes

                          All Vintage Racing sponsored by:

                    Arctic Restoration Specialties

                          Engineered Graphics


                         Ron (Goose) Thomsen

                      West Coast Vintage Sleds

        The Great Southern Grass Drags and Swap

                              VSCA Magazine

                           Delaughter Racing

Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Shows/Waconia 2013


                         The Vintage Sled Shop

                 Dr. Mario's Vintage Polaris Parts

                          Vintage Sled Paint

            Jeff Steenerson, Phone 218-259-2265

                                Ski-doo Bob

     Dean Klumb @ The Place, Phone 218-389-0161

           Click on the sponsors name for a link to their website.

       Vintage Grass Drag Rules

              General Safety Rules - all classes

           We will be running a pre race safety inspection.

1. Helmet must be worn by all drivers. Safety vests are required to race Mod Stock and Open Mod Class sleds. We encourage safety vest in Stock classes but not required.

2. Working tether cords required. Push button kill switches do not qualify.

3. Clutch guards are required. Fully enclosed in Open Mod.

4. Snow flaps are required and must touch the ground when driver is seated. Mod stock and Open mods need straps or chains to limit the flap deflection to 6 inches.

5. The driver must be 16 years or older, parental presence and permission is required if under 18. All drivers under 18 are required to were safety vests. Open Mod drivers must be 18 and over.

6. NO alcohol use by the drivers and crew.

7. Track stands with backs must be used any time track is spinning in the elevated position.

8. Drivers can not wear shorts or any open toed footwear. Use common sense to protect yourself in case of mishap!

8. Race officials have the right to disallow racing by any driver or sled deemed unsafe.

             Retro Class Rules

Safety First
No Cleated tracks
Full chaincase including cover and cannot be moved

No short Ski's (OEM ski's)
leaf spring only, chassis, hood, seat, tank, and dash will match brand used on chassis (OEM appearing)
Small gas tanks can be used inside stock tank or under hood
OEM chassis, motor, susp, track, do not have to match brand    (Does not all have to be the same brand)
Bulk head can add support to, but cannot change or remove or alter the size or shape of OEM bulk head
Hood can be slightly modified to fit pipes, 80 percent of pipes need to be under the hood. If your sled originaly had exposed pipes (ex: early Polaris TX ) no more than 20% increase from original configuration.
Full belly pan, top, sides, bottom
any length OEM rubber track
any OEM Susp.

Motor  (no after market motors heads, cyls., cases)  ANY YEAR
If its a twin cyl. it stays a twin,(no adding cyl. no changing intake concept or location)
No turbos, super chargers or NOS
OEM cases, cranks, clys, heads
any carburetors allowed
OEM ignitions only
any exhaust
any OEM Primary and Secondary clutches

Outlaw class
all safety rules apply (NO CLEATED TRACKS)
OEM leaf spring chassis any modifications allowed  (no after market chassis) full rear tunnel enclosure required.
any track, susp, seat, Hood allowed (Wahl, Proline Etc)
Belly pan not required, full clutch enclosure.
Motor  (Any OEM or After Market Motors) ANY YEAR
No NOS, Turbo's or super chargers
any carbs, pipes, ignition, Clutches
any cc any combination (multi cyl)

             Megaphone  Rules

1. Single Cylinder class open to any single that is Long Lake Racing Assoc. legal in HD Pro Stock Class. Use this link to their website: http://www.vintagesnowmobileracing.com/rules

2. 0 - 499cc Stock class is pretty much take your stock sled and add megaphones. This class is for the guys & gals who want to have fun and make some noise. It doesn't have to be super fast, remember our moto: "Be Loud, Be Proud!"

3. 500cc and up and Triple Class will follow Mod Stock rules (see below).

4. Cleated tracks will be allowed in all classes for this feature only! They will be inspected for safety. No missing rivots, broken cleats or torn belting will be allowed to race. Tech has final say in all safety matters!

5. Factory or home made megaphones allowed. They can be round or square with at least 1" outword taper and must be welded or securely clamped directly to exhaust manifolds. No Straight Pipes.

6. All sleds must have hoods. They may be cut and altered for megaphones.

                        Stock Class Rules

1. No engine & chassis modifications allowed. Piston may be .020 over but no smoothing of ports or head shaving.

2. Must have unmodified stock exhaust system. Stock dual exhaust with canister allowed but no stingers or aftermarket pipes.

3. Must use OEM style ignition.

4. Studs and cleated tracks are allowed. They will be inspected for safety! 

5. Power Bloc, Comet Duster and Comet 102C allowed.

6. Air boxes may be removed.

7. Sled must have stock appearing hood.

8. Stock skis must be used, no plastic or aftermarket skis allowed.

9. Idler wheels may be added to STOCK suspension.

10. Handle bar hooks and extensions are allowed.

11. Mikuni carbs allowed if you remove stock carbs but none over  36mm.

                      Mod Stock Class Rules

1. Top end engine modifications allowed but MUST be engine for that model.

2. Chassis modifications allowed for rubber track conversion but must be chassis for your model..

3. Stingers and aftermarket pipes allowed.

4. Aftermarket ignition allowed.

5. All sleds must have rubber tracks, no cleated tracks allowed. Studs may be used.

6. Any clutch allowed.

7. IFS models allowed that were built by the factory prior to 1981.

8. Sled must have stock appearing hood.

9. Plastic or aftermarket racing skis allowed.

10. Idler wheels may be added to suspension. Rear suspension may be changed to allow for rubber track.

                     Open Mod Class Rules

1. Any modified production chassis 1985 or older. No custom built chassis.

2. Any motor 1985 and older, top and bottom end may be modified.

3. Any style pipes allowed.

4. Hoods are not required but clutches must be fully enclosed by a safety guard.

5. All sleds must have rubber tracks, no cleated tracks allowed. Studs may be used.

6. Skis must be leaf spring.